New Beginnings

It seems like every new beginning comes with excitement, anticipation, and fear of the unknown.  For you Moms, remember the first time you brought home your new born baby?  You were so excited, but terrified of doing something wrong.  Somehow we figured it out and figured it out we did!  Making a career change is no different.

No Job = New Opportunities

I am about to begin a new journey; feeling some butterflies in my stomach as I close the chapter on a nine year career as a Chief Financial Officer making a strong income.

Although it wasn’t my choice to cut my career short, I choose to look at this situation as a great opportunity, or a sign, to gain back control over my life.  So instead of my boss benefiting from my hard efforts, dedication, and long hours, my family will!

Words of Wisdom

A good friend of mine said “Go where you are celebrated and not where you’re tolerated”.    I should have realized years ago that my hard work was only being “tolerated” and not “celebrated”.  Getting the “boot” and a polite “thank you” ended up to be the strongest sign.  If you are wondering whether your contribution to the company you work for is really being appreciated like it should be, don’t wait for the axe to fall like I did.

Don’t Be a Slave to Your Job

Honestly, there has not been a better time to make a change because the economy continues to improve and the digital world has opened more doors to creating income outside of a job.  If you feel like a slave to your company and you want to cut those chains, why don’t you come along with me as I discover new opportunities to make money, save money, and invest money.

I Can Replace My Salary   

Although it won’t happen overnight and it won’t be easy, I plan to replace my income while living the life my family and I deserve.  I’m calling this new phase “My Life Reboot 2.0”.  My long hours at the office left me with little or no time to find the best ways to generate income in my own business.  Since leaving my job, I am now able to research money making opportunities that I knew existed.

I hope you are as tired as I am of reading success stories on the Internet about some 20 year old making $100 million dollars after creating some makeup video on YouTube or featuring some recipes on their blog.

Why Not Us

Our years of life experiences and business sense can give us the edge over a 20-something year old Blogger.   Let’s make some of our own success stories featuring you as the stars.

The Journey to Success

Several years ago I started in an effort to share good information and knowledge with other individuals also motivated to improve their situation.  Although everyone wants to get ahead in life, we sometimes settle for a job we dislike.  We then fall into a rut with our personal life wishing we could go on a better vacation or live in a nicer, bigger house.

Often times we don’t make the leap to a better situation because we can’t risk the steady income from our job that pays the bills.  However, there are ways to generate income with your computer and still keep your full time job until you earn enough to cut back on some of your hours and eventually leave your job behind.  I will be exploring these opportunities and test them out to determine the pros and cons to each one.

Since saving money also puts more money in your pocket, I’ll identify different ways to save money on buying goods and services you need.   You’ll learn about investment ideas to maximize the return on your money.  Hitting all aspects of making, saving, and investing money will help you move one step closer to your goal of living the life you deserve.

Come Join Me

I’m looking forward to researching different opportunities and sharing the results of my research with you.  I’m mostly excited to hear from you all because there is definitely strength in numbers.  We can do this.  So come join me in becoming fiscally fit.  Remember being fiscally fit doesn’t just encompass finances or money, it touches all aspects of your life and well being.

Making It Happen

A question for you.  What are you willing to do differently for a better life?


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