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Today more than ever the opportunity to become a very successful professional woman is there for the taking, if you choose. Top level male executives have been passing the baton, albeit maybe reluctantly at times, to their very qualified female counterparts. Carly Fiorina became the first woman to head a Dow 30 company. Jill Barad took over the helm of a major toy company, Mattel. Imagine going from dressing Barbies to running the whole enchilada. There are many other female executives who have successfully left their mark on the business world. These women have paved the way for all of us. If you aspire to run a multi-billion dollar company or just want to be the best at what you do, the opportunity is available to you. Dream Big! Our desire at is not to push you into becoming a Carly Fiorina or a Jill Barad, but instead we want to arm you with all the right tools and techniques so that you can achieve your goal, whatever it may be, as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Here you will find the trade secrets of many women that have achieved all levels of success, in different fields both in the corporate world and in their own business. We will lead you through the corporate minefield so that you can quickly master your career objectives, yet still leave time to savor your success. Enjoy each step up the corporate ladder of success….and we will


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