Make a Decision to Change to Be Successful

The second of the four steps to success is to make a decision to change. Here is a truism: “If you do what you have always done, you will have what you always had”. What this means is that you need to do something different to achieve more (yes, I do mean CHANGE).

After you have determined what you want (your goals), decide what you will be willing to do different (change) with your life and reprioritize your daily, weekly, monthly life’s activities to accommodate these decisions to change.

An example might be: You decide you need to go to school evenings to obtain more education, however, the bowling league you are in meets the only night the class is offered. Decision time! You make a decision to change based on your desire to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. You determine that it is more important for you and your financial future to attend school than to bowl. You reprioritize your life’s schedule and bow out of the bowling league on that night.

Another example: You decide to lose weight and go on a very restricted diet. Everyone in your office likes to go out to eat and not always in the most health conscious eateries or someone brings in donuts or pastries throughout the week. Don’t make excuses to go out and eat lunch or snack on the fatty foods.

It is important to stick to your decision. Set your mind to what you need to do. Make the commitment once and for all and you won’t have to weigh each new challenge against your decision because you have already made it.

Most people will change only when forced to, usually under extreme circumstances. Humans tend to be creatures of habit and comfort — just ask a Sunday Football Widow about men’s habits (just kidding). We humans fall into a groove and routine that meets our most basic needs and we are reluctant to make changes out of the fear that we might upset the smooth sailing boat.

One of the keys to being more successful in life is to recognize when you need to do something different and make that change without fear. You must weigh the benefits of what you have to do different with the potential reward of achieving your goals. It’s your choice — choose wisely and we will
Meet You At The Top!


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