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Pixabay Image 69528I have been holed up researching different articles, videos, and scouring the web to determine the best businesses to make extra money at home, I’ve found a few great opportunities that have the potential to make enough money to kiss your job good-bye!

Let’s start with one stay at home business that I know is very promising. Have you ever heard of anyone making money blogging? I know, I know it sounds more like a hobby than a legitimate business. Believe me, I was very skeptical at first and being a CPA, I’m typically very conservative and have a “give me the facts” type attitude about most things that look too good to be true.

The reason I see so much potential in making money through blogging is because since the beginning of time, we have been seeking information about how to do something or another. We willingly pay for that information and advice from experts in that field. We are constantly reading articles, magazines, and books on and off the web and looking at “how to” videos on cooking, being a better parent, and time-saving tips. No longer is this sharing of advice confined to our family, girlfriends, neighbors, and our network of professionals. Because of the internet this information is now at our finger tips…actually, at a click of our finger tips. If you have more experience or knowledge in a particular area than the average Joe…or Jane, the digital world is your oyster. There are millions of eyeballs willing to pay you for that information and better yet, vendors are willing to pay you for promoting their products that are related to your area of expertise.

Case in point, Ree Drummond, has created a culinary empire after blogging some of her recipes and sharing tidbits about living on a ranch. Many of you know her as the Pioneer Woman, an award-winning blogger, bestselling author and a very successful television personality with the Food Network. Although, Ree Drummond is hugely popular today, she started off like many of us just sharing with friends and family our thoughts, likes, and dislikes. The difference is that she created a community of fans and capitalized on her popularity.

With the right guidance you can also take your knowledge and knack for saving money, baking, organizing your closet or anything else you are talented in and turn it into profit…just like the Pioneer Woman did.

To help make starting a blog easy for you, I will be using my own money making blog as an example and will be sharing each step of the process on how I did it so you can also make extra money on your own blog.

Let’s figure this out TOGETHER! We can take our hidden talents and create successful blogs.

A question for you. What other money making opportunities are you interested in learning about?

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